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Our Services

Chartered Accountants and Business Advisors at Northbridge WA.

Registered Tax Agent, Registered ASIC Agent at Northbridge WA.

Available services of deducting fee from tax refunds.

DKY Accounting is a premium Chartered Accountant at Northbridge WA and is engaged in providing highly effective business solutions to companies, partnerships, individuals, companies, SMSF and small businesses in the Perth Region WA. DKY Accounting are Tax Agents at Northbridge WA and a highly affordable service provider, do not produce lengthy bills after the completion of our services. The entire cost of the auditing or accounting service is quoted well in advance so that our clients are not under any sort of confusion. We are Tax Accountants in Perths CBD and have more than 20 years of experience in Tax Accounting, auditing and business advisory. We understand the requirements of small businesses and the financial constraints that affect them. Hence, it is our constant endeavour to go ahead and provide highly affordable and yet effective services to our clients. Please contact us if you are looking for Tax Agents in Perths CBD.

DKY Accounting is a reputed Chartered Accountants practice at Northbridge (Perth), WA. Providing highly effective business services to individuals, Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF) and small businesses in the Perth Region WA. We have comprehensive accounting solutions for businesses and individuals in Perth Region WA. A wide array of tax services are offered by DKY Accounting which include:

Tax Accounting
Auditing Services
SMSF audit and compliance
Prepare and lodge Tax Returns
Audit of Not for Profit Associations
Prepare Financial Reports for Reporting and Non Reporting entities
Correction of existing errors in the previously submitted Tax Returns
Amending tax returns and lodging objection against ATO Assessments
Estimation of tax liabilities which would help in reducing late fees and penalties

Managing business and personal finances could be a very difficult without proper professional assistance. DKY Accounting have a constant drive to make business management and personal finance management easier with the best financial solutions. We strived to provide the best financial and accounting solutions which would bring about a massive transformation to the very nature of a business. DKY Accounting believes in community services and is an active partner in the concept of sustained development. It occurs through the returns made by a taxpayer which in turn is utilized in social developmental projects.

The core business values of DKY Accounting comprise of – confident leadership, great services with professional integrity, professionalism and expertise brings a competitive edge over other competitors.As a client of DKY Accounting, you are assured of:

Personalized Tax Accounting services.
Speedy delivery of Financial and Accounting services which would ensure value for money.
Quality Tax Accounting and Auditing services to meet the legal requirements of the clients.

We believe in eliminating boundaries in business consultancy due to distances, we provide Audit, Tax accounting services in the Perth Region WA. We ensure delivery of fast, efficient and accurate Financial and Tax accounting services through the usage of courier, fax, email or personal visit.

Taxation Services

DKY Accounting provide Tax Accounting services, Advice on specific local or international tax issues and strategic business solutions which would help in its restructuring. We also give utmost importance to compliance related issues. We go extra mile to safeguard the interest of our clients. We provide extensive support in regards to:

Review of Financial records.
Efficient Accounting Records.
Generating ledgers and statements.
Tax advice on any financial decisions.
Prepare and lodge Income tax returns.
Tax planning, business setup, structure.
Prepare SMSF member benefits statement.
Advice on various money management channels.
Process payroll advices on weekly or fortnightly basis.
Prepare and lodge business activity statements, PAYG.
Prepare and lodge superannuation fund’s annual return.
Tax planning, financial forecasts, business setup, structure.

Individual and small businesses are given prime importance by DKY Accounting. Understanding the budget constraints faced by small businesses, DKY Accounting go ahead and assist such businesses in fulfilling their tax obligations at affordable costs. For more details contact us at Ph. 1300 762 329.Our tax accountants are highly specialized and experienced, their wealth of tax accounting experience assist you in availing the advantages of the legal deductions and credits that are available to our clients. Our domains of expertise include rental property, dealing in listed share, GST on property development, professional services and retail sales. We are dedicated to provide best Tax advice to assist you in achieving tax effective solutions for your business.In addition to the planning advice given by DKY Accounting, we also provide a tax representative who would go ahead and face the Tax Authorities.

Business goals can only be achieved through the right strategies which can only be offered by a proper consulting companies. DKY Accounting are dedicated to complete all jobs with utmost efficiency and expertise. Affordability is another key feature of DKY Accounting. We work with small businesses and many of those businesses have achieved success through our advisory services.
DKY Accounting is also providing high end tax accounting services to its clients that include area of specific tax consultancy as well. These include international taxation and minimizing your business and personal tax positions.


DKY Accounting provide highly specialized and customized solutions for Self Managed Superannuation Funds and we are ASIC registered SMSF Auditors. We prepare Tax Returns, accounting with simple fund, DKY Accounting provide consultancy on complex tax related issues for Self Managed Superannuation Funds . We prepare annual financial statements that include operating statement and notes to financial statements for Self managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF).

Audit of the SMSF by ASIC registered Auditor.
Prepare and lodge Superannuation fund annual returns.
Prepare Superannuation fund member benefits statement.
Facilitate obtaining of an actuary’s certificate where required.

Tax Accounting and Business Services

We provide Accounting, bookkeeping and payroll processing solution to our business clients:

Prepare management accounts, Cash flow statements, management reporting on monthly and quarterly basis.
Prepare of annual financial statements, including operating statement, statement of financial position, notes to financial statements.
Managing corporate compliance, secretarial work and communication with ASIC.
Management accounts, management reports, cash flow statements on monthly and quarterly basis.
Annual financial statements, operating statement, statement of financial position, notes to financial statements.

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