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Company Profile

DKY is an Australian Chartered Accountant practice. DKY provides premium services in accounting, tax, superannuation, audit, business services and compliance. At DKY, we understand the budget constraints of small business and we deliver value for money to our clients by saving them in tax and assisting in increasing business efficiency. The entire cost of our services is highly affordable and always quoted in advance. As a result there is no confusion regarding the bills and you do not get surprise lengthy bills.


As you are aware, Australia has got one of the most complex set of regulations. In order to save tax and increase your profit, your business set up and management activities needs to be planned in a tax efficient manner so that you can have more dollars in your pocket. Accordingly, your accountant should not only have knowledge of only basic bookkeeping, accounting software or tax return preparation knowledge. He should be a business savvy, tax and accounting expert. An Australian Chartered Accountant is the pinnacle of accounting qualification in Australia. Being a chartered accountant firm, DKY demonstrates its knowledge expertise in accounting and tax. Combine this with our team’s practical experience, gives us an edge to other accountants.

Value for money

We deliver value for money in two ways: (1) Providing routine services at highly affordable fees, and, (2) tax saving and business efficiency. We have got state of the art software, well defined processes and a structured approach to assess your needs, identify right solution for your requirements and provide it effectively. With right combination of experienced, qualified, talented team and technology; we finish our job faster. Our experience and technology enables us to reduce turnaround time significantly. So if you are surprised by our highly affordable fees, it does not mean that we cut corners. Similarly, with our expertise, we are confident to identify deductions that you could claim but did not claim, possible increase in business efficiency compared to your industry group.

Partner approach

At DKY, we value your relationship and it matters a lot to us. Rather than having conventional client – accountant approach, we follow a partner approach. We want you to focus on your business and leave your accounting and tax problems with us. We will take care of it as if we are in the business with you. You do not need to wait us for working hours. Our principal and team members are friendly and approachable. Whenever you will need u, we will be there for you.