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Business Services in Northbridge WA

Business Serivices at a fixed Fee

DKY Accounting provide a number of business services to its clients in the likes of

Efficient Accounting Records
Generating ledgers and statements
Review of financial records
Advice on various money management channels
Tax advice on any financial decision

DKY Accounting is also providing high end tax accounting services to its clients that includes area specific tax consultancy as well. These include international taxation and minimizing your business and personal tax positions. Individual and small businesses are given prime importance by DKY Accounting.

Understanding the budget constraints faced by small companies is very important. DKY Accounting goes ahead and understands the budget constraints faced by small businesses and helps such businesses in fulfilling such obligations at affordable costs. Any interested person can always contact our office for more details.

Accountants at DKY Accounting prepare the following for their clients:
Management accounts, management reports, cash flow statements on monthly and quarterly basis.
Process payroll advice on weekly or fortnightly basis.
Annual financial statements, including operating statement, statement of financial position, notes to financial statements.
Tax planning, financial forecasts, business setup, structure.
Managing corporate compliance, secretarial work and communication with ASIC.

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